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2017 Lexus ls 460 Drivetrain, Review, Price and Release Date

2017 Lexus ls 460 new concept picture

2017 Lexus ls 460 is a great car and furthermore this car is the first hydrogen car that is made by Toyota. It is well known as the richness aspect and the good news is that now the new Lexus is still continuing that story. This new Lexus will have the eco-friendly concept that is supported with the best and the latest technologies. Some changes are done to this new car starting from the outside look, interior design and usage of the more powerful engine. What is the result? You will get a good looking car outside and inside with great engine. Below is the further information about the 2017 Lexus ls 460.

2017 Lexus ls 460 Powerful Engine

2017 Lexus ls 460 engine options Image

The new 2017 Lexus ls 460 is not launched yet, so there is no any exact information about the engine and the car maker was not giving any comment yet. However, many people are expected that the new LS will be at least the same or maybe beyond the latest version that uses the 5.0 liter of V8 engine that is combined with the CVT and the electric motor. This engine can make up to 439 horsepower and it is also supported by the 8 automatic speed transmissions. It is a fast car, isn’t it?

2017 Lexus ls 460 New Performance and Look Outside

There is an unwritten rule which a new car should have a new look as well. Just like the other new 2017 cars such as the Land Rover, the 2017 Lexus ls 460 is also get some renew on the outer look. It will have the new front end, the redesign headlights and the hour glass front grille. It will be looked more aggressive at the front side. However, the back side will be calmer. The line that is used on the back side is strong but it still looks calm. The body of the car is maybe a little bit bigger because the car will have the bigger hydrogen storage tank inside.

2017 Lexus ls 460 Interior with much comforts and styles

2017 Lexus ls 460 spacious cabin and complete features image

The 2017 Lexus ls 460 will be having a well compromised with the style and comfort inside the car. Starting from the seats, there are some renewing such as the heated seats, ventilated and wider legroom for both the driver and passengers. There will be also a great support for the entertainment system from the screen and the audio system with the high technology system. There are soe digital navigation, backup camera and many more.

2017 Lexus ls 460 Price and Release Date

The 2017 Lexus ls 460 will be offered with the price of $85.000 for the model with the full equipment. The price is maybe will be up to $100.000 for the car types with hydrogen. We can say that it is pricier. Meanwhile this new car will be launched at the end of 2016 or early at 2017 and ready to compete with the Audi A7 and Mercedes Benx S550

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