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2017 Lexus Lx Exterior, Interior, Specs and Price

2017 Lexus Lx Geys a new bumper photo

2017 Lexus Lx is a brand new car from a big automotive company, Toyota from the Lexus Division. This new car will have the big changes in some parts, especially from the visual look. It will have the new design for the exterior of the car. This car will give a really serious competition for the other cars on the same lineup. Besides that, the interior is also changed and the engine as well. So, below is the further information about this new car.

2017 Lexus Lx New Facelift

As it is said on the paragraph above, the new 2017 Lexus Lx will have the big changes on the exterior of the car. We can say that this car has an enough big facelifts for its exterior aspect. It will have the new design at the front of the car that will make the car is looked more attractive. It will have the new front fascia, the narrower headlights and the new spindle grille as well. Besides that, some of the experts and the customers are also expected that this new car will get the changes on the other parts such as the bumper, taillights, fog lights, the new D-pillar and many more.

2017 Lexus Lx Interior Comes with New Features

2017 Lexus Lx 570 interior Image

The other interesting thing is talked about the new interior look on this new 2017 Lexus lx car. This new car will have the new control board and it is also added with the new features. This new Lx will also get the new Lexus Lx Safety System, the same system that was introduced on the Rx model. This safety system will have some features such as the lane departure alert, auto high beam, pre collision auto braking system, and the adaptive radar for the cruise control.

2017 Lexus Lx Engine and Specs

2017 Lexus Lx New Engine Image

Just like the same new car from the other company such as the Mercedes Benz, this 2017 Lexus Lx engine is also becoming an interesting thing to be talked about. This new car will have the 5.7 liter of the V8 engine that is expected to make up to 343 horsepower and 403 pound feet of the torque. This engine is will be also completed by the six speed auto transmission.

2017 Lexus Lx Price and Release Date

If we were talked about the release date of the 2017 Lexus Lx, there is still no exact information about the precise date. However, this new car is predicted will be launched next year. This new car will be offered with the price of $83.000 for the base model. So it means that the car is maybe more expensive if you chosen the Lexus car with the complete features.

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