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2017 Subaru STi Review, Specs, Features and Release Date

2017 Subaru STi Redesign Platform Image

2017 Subaru STi is a brand new car from Subaru that has two kinds of type for 2017 models.  These models are the BRZ and the WRX. Although these two types are the same from Subaru and they were STi type, but actually these cars has some differences in some parts. As a new car, Subaru equipped this car with some upgraded things. We can see that some changes are given on some parts of this car, such as the exterior, interior and engine as well. All of these changes are made to attract many potential buyers. What are the changes on this new 2017 Subaru STi? Below is the further description.

2017 Subaru STi Exterior Redesign

The 2017 Subaru STi will use the aluminum and the carbon materials for the body. There will be also some updates for the LED Lights and the wheel as well. The aerodynamic design is also added to this car to increase the car’s beauty and performance. The trims are will be renewed and the weight is also lighter than the previous model.

2017 Subaru STi Interior and Features

2017 Subaru STi Interior Technology Photo

The next thing that we want to inform is about the interior or the cabin. For the Interior, the new 2017 Subaru STi will use the all weather package and the dual zone automatic climate control that will be combined with the standard audio system with 6 speakers, the radio system, the Bluetooth connectivity, AM/FM stereo and many more great features. The Safety features are also not forgotten by Subaru to guarantee all the safety aspects for the passengers.

2017 Subaru STi Specification

2017 Subaru STi WRX Engine Specs Image

The engine that is used on the 2017 Subaru STi whether on the BRZ or WRX is the powerful engine. The BRZ has the “2.0 liter boxer four” engine that is powered with the BRZ GT300 from the Japan Super GT Car series. This engine is expected to make for about 300 horsepower and 330 pound feet for the torque. This car has the more power than the other Sti car like the 2017 Honda Civic Sti. Meanwhile, the WRX will use the the 2.5 liter turbocharged engine that is combined with the 4 cylinders boxer engine. This combination can provide 305 horsepower and 190 lb ft for the torque. These engines will have the four wheels drive setting and the six speed transmission which the fuel economy is depended on this transmission. This is the sturdier version than the previous model. These two cars are almost has the same power at all.

2017 Subaru STi Price and Release Date

The 2017 Subaru STi for the BRZ type is will be offered with the price around $30.000 and it will be released sometime on 2016. Meanwhile for the WRX, the price is around $27.000 up to $35.000. There is also still not clear information about the release date, but many people believed that sometimes on 2016, maybe in the middle or late on 2016 is the perfect time to launch the car.

Brand New 2017 Subaru STi Gallery Images:

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