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2017 Toyota Supra Exterior, Interior and Price

2017 Toyota Supra Image

2017 Toyota Supra is a brand new car from Toyota. As a new car, this model gets many changes that we can see from many aspects. For the examples are on its exterior, interior and engine. This car is now much better than the previous model. What are the details of the changes that we can see? Below is the further information about 2017 Toyota Supra.

2017 Toyota Supra Exterior

We will start to talk about the 2017 Toyota Supra exterior. On the platform, we can see that this car has An F1 Concept. This concept give a masterful design that makes this car has a different outlook. Besides that, this design is also made the new Supra gets a signature design of Toyota F1 Concept Car. The initial aim of 2017 Toyota Supra is to make the car much more aggressive with the aerodynamic design. We can get this impression from the new air intakes that are added on this car. It makes 2017 Toyota Supra has a sportier look. The headlights are also remodeled.It features an added LED element that is really important for the renewed style. The front end part is now restyling and it has a really great fashion. All of these changes on 2017 Toyota Supra exterior maybe will give popularity on this car.

2017 Toyota Supra Interior

2017 Toyota Supra Interior Look

The next thing that we want to inform is about the interior changes. It seems that Toyota is really serious to make a perfect car. 2017 Toyota Supra has a great combination of inside convenience and it matches with the outside design. Actually, there is no further information from the company about all the specifics things in the 2017 Toyota Supra cabin. We can only interpret the interior from some pictures that we got. From the interior picture, we can see that the cabin has a nice setup that gives a luxurious taste. We got information that the new 2017 Toyota Supra is now will be more spacious and it comes with better comfort. The latest and modern technologies are will be also added, but the details are cannot be known until know. We will see all the details information after this car is officially launched by Toyota.

2017 Toyota Supra Engine

Engine is a really interesting thing to be talked about, especially for a new car. 2017 Toyota Supra power train was not confirmed yet. However, the inline 6 engine that can make up to 518 horsepower is maybe the option that this car will get. The other possible engine option is a 4 cylinders V6 engine. This engine is being able to provide more than 400 horsepower. The basic setup that the new Toyota Supra will use is maybe the rear wheel drive system. Meanwhile, there is also a rumor that said that the new 2017 Toyota Supra will have the hybrid model.

2017 Toyota Supra Price and Release Date

As a 2017 model, we cannot possibly expect the new 2017 Toyota Supra to be released until the end of the year. However, this new car will be available by the end of next year. The base MSRP for a unit of new supra is $45,000.

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