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2017 Vw Passat Reviews of Exterior, Interior, Release Date and Price


2017 Vw Passat is the eight generation car for this vehicle that is predicted to be assigned with some brand new equipments at Geneva. According to a rumor, it is said that this car will be much better than the previous model. The good news is that, this better design style will be followed with the other good upgrades on some parts of this car. We will give more information about the changes that are completed on this car.

2017 Vw Passat Exterior Review

The new exterior of 2017 Vw Passat is having a unique styling. We got information that this car will be 1 inch higher than the predecessor. The new chassis is probably would be applied on this car with capabilities of above 4850 pounds. You will also see that this new Passat will get a stripped grille that will be completed with sharp headlines. The roof rails will probably be applied for a standard option. Meanwhile for the wheels, they may come with varied sizes of 17, 18 or even 19 inches.

2017 Vw Passat Refreshed Interior Design


The new 2017 Vw Passat is also amazing on the inside or on its interior cabin. The full premium high quality leather upholstery will be used together with the pretty metallic accents. To give more comfort, the cabin of this new passat is also more spacious. The cabin also gets the angular dashboard with air vents. On this dashboard, a little screen display is attached. Furthermore, this screen display is placed at the center of instrument panels. The base model of 2017 Vw Passat has 5 inches myriad. Meanwhile, the other options are 8 inches and 6.5 inches. Safety and entertainment features are also the other things that you can find on this car.

2017 Vw Passat has 5 Forms of Engines to Choose


For the engine, customers will be able to choose the engine based on their requirements and needs. There will be 5 forms of engines that available to be chosen by customers. All of these engines are offered with four cylinder units. The outputs can generate by both, the diesel or petrol variants. The petrol engine will be able to produce for about 148 horsepower and 217 horsepower. Meanwhile, the outputs for diesel options are 148 horsepower, 187 horsepower and also 237 horsepower. The all wheel drive system for this 2017 Vw Passat will give you much better performance than before and you can really proud of this.

2017 Vw Passat Pricing and Release Date

The next thing that is really interesting to be known is about pricing. It is said by many experts that this car will probably be sold with $22,000 as its starting price. So, the price can be higher or more expensive for the fully loaded version. Meanwhile for the release date, this 2017 Vw Passat will be came in the fourth quarter of this year or 2016. So, you have to prepare if you wanted to own a unit of this new Passat.

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