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2018 BMW X7 Platform, Price, Interior and Release Date

2018 BMW X7 Exterior photo

2018 BMW X7 Platform, Price, Interior and Release Date – If you wanted to get a big family hauling SUV with three rows for the seating’s, the newest BMW X7 is maybe the right option. Many people said that this car is too late for taking a place in large SUV market. However, in fact this SUV is really profitable and it has a top priority in the company. Just like its sibling, the X5, the newest X7 will be also assembled in South Carolina as well. Below are further changes that we will explain about this car.

2018 BMW X7 Platform

It is said by the company or BMW that this 2018 BMW X7 has the largest rear wheel drive platform. However, the four wheel drive option is also available. This new car will get the cutting edge connectivity infotainment system and also the driver assistance as well. There is a magazine that tries to make the appearance of this car visually from the X5. This magazine stated that the new XT may have on oversized kidney grille that is completed with thick outer edge that is made from chrome. There are also the slim and sleek taillights as well. Many people also stated that this new 2018 BMW X7 has massive front part with large bumper and intakes. Meanwhile, the side view of this is like the common BMW SUV type. It has tight and sporty panels as well.

2018 BMW X7 Interior Design

2018 BMW X7 Interior design photo

Actually, there is no exact information about BMW about the detail of 2018 BMW X7 interior. However, because it is a BMW car we may not be worried and doubt about the quality. This car will use only the best materials for its interior. The best leather materials may be used to give more comfort and stylish look as well. Meanwhile, the modern technology will be also completed inside this car. These technologies will be useful for the infotainment system and also the safety systems.

2018 BMW X7 Engine and Specs

The next thing that we want to inform is about the engine of this 2018 BMW X7. The rumor said that this car may use the inline six and V8 Gasoline and also the option of diesel engine. The diesel engine will channel the torque to the drive wheels through a device that is called the ZF eight speeds automatic.

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2018 BMW X7 Release Date and Price

There is no official confirmation from BMW yet about when will this car be released. However, many parties believed that this car will be released early on 2018. How about the price? A unit of 2018 BMW X7 will be sold for about $75,000. It is quite expensive, but maybe it will worth with the quality and comforts that this car will give. That is why; if you wanted to own a unit of this car, you have to prepare this amount of money.

2018 BMW X7 Gallery Images:

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