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2018 Dodge Dart Srt4 Review, Changes, Release Date and Price

2018 Dodge Dart Srt4 exterior picture

2018 Dodge Dart Srt4 Review, Changes, Release Date and Price – Last year, the news about brand new Dodge srt4 is seemed just a rumor. However, not too long ago, that rumor becomes a reality in which dodge will make the car. It seems that Dodge really serious in preparing this car to make a better car that will give a better experience as well. There are some changes that we can notice. Here is the information

2018 Dodge Dart Srt4 Exterior and Interior Design

2018 Dodge Dart Srt4 Interior design image

It is said that 2018 Dodge Dart Srt4 will get a few visual changes in its exterior. This car will have more aggressive style. It can be seen from 19 inches wheels that are forged by aluminum. The arches will be widened to give the muscular look for this car. In a conclusion, many people agree that this car gets much better body style than the hatchback. With those changes for the exterior, will the 2018 Dodge Dart Sr4 interior will get some change too? Thanks God because in fact the cabin of this car will get sportier seats, a beautiful steering wheel and some equipments in which the qualities are having the same level with the top car model.

2018 Dodge Dart Srt4 Changes

If we could conclude the changes, we will see that this car will use better engine. Besides that, there is also an option in which Dodge will give this 2018 Dodge Dart Srt4 the all wheel drive system. This application and change make the new Dodge Srt is really close with its competitor, the Focus RS. Some experts said that it will give Dodge a better chance to win the competition because it is a kind of sedan car that used to have a handsome body style with great performance as well.

2018 Dodge Dart Srt4 Release Date and Price

Actually, there is no confirmation yet from Dodge about the 2018 Dodge Dart Srt4 price. However, if we looked at the other cars, we can assume that this car’s price maybe close to $40,000. Meanwhile for the release date this car is probably release by sometime in 2018 as a 2018 car model.

2018 Dodge Dart Srt4 Engine Changes

Actually, there is no official confirmation about the engine changes. However, it seems that the 2018 Dodge Dart Srt4 will use 2.4 liter turbocharged inline 4 engine for its engine. It is similar with its previous model, but in fact it has more interesting features like the larger turbocharger, direct injection, new exhausts system, better management system and many more. According to the information that we got, this engine can make up to 350 horsepower and over 320 lb ft for the torque.

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