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2018 Honda B Model Exterior, Interior, New Engine and Price

2018 Honda B Model new concept picture

2018 Honda B Model – Honda is a Japanese Dealer that always provides the customers with new things and of course those things are good. It can be seen from some cars that are released by Honda. One of those cars is the new Honda B Model. This is a really fashionable, stylish and contemporary crossover. The design of this car is mostly had been presented at the 2014 Beijing Electrical Motor Plan. Below we will give more information about the changes that you can see on the brand new 2018 Honda B Model.

2018 Honda B Model Exterior Updates

The target that is made by Honda is that they committed to make this design for eastern markets. The new 2018 Honda B Model will have five doors. This is maybe a brand new thing for most of the customers. Besides that, this new Crossover will also come with the new side style with mounted lamps along with the new grille as well. The wheel is also renewed. If we compared with the new Honda Brio, many experts agreed that the new B Model is much better than Honda Brio.

2018 Honda B Model Interior Design

2018 Honda B Model Interior Design Image

Next, we will talk about the interior side. We already stated that the New 2018 Honda B Model is much better than Honda Brio in some aspects, included its interior. The interior of new Honda B Model is now completed with the new devices, especially for the protection system. There are some new safety and security techniques that are added on this new B Model. Some of those techniques or security system such as the digital brake makes circulation, contra secure quit program, two front side air flows and many more. New Honda B Model is now having a brand new level.

2018 Honda B Model Engine Updates

How about the engine? Is it having a better engine? For a new car of course that we are expected for only the best engine to give more power. It is said that the 2018 Honda B Model is the only car that will be completed with the latest engine that is available. This engine is 3 tube 1 liter turbo engine. This engine is expected to make for about 150 horsepower. This engine can also make 130 lb fts for the torque. The design will identify VVT that is as good as the enhance electronic digital management.

2018 Honda B Model Release Date and Price

Now, we will talk and discuss about the release date and price. The rumor said that this new 2018 Honda B Model will be sold with the price between $9,500 up to $12,000. This price can be higher especially for the fully loaded version with more powerful engine and complete equipment. Meanwhile for the release date, we hear from a new that this car will be released at the end of 2017. So, for you who wanted a unit of 2018 Honda B Model, you have to prepare.

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