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2018 Infinity Q 60 Facelift, Engine Review, Price and Release Date

2018 Infinity Q 60 Exterior Picture

2018 Infinity Q 60 Facelift, engine review, Price and Release Date– New Infinity Q60 is a new future car that will amaze all the fans of great cars. According to a rumor that we got, this car will be available only on coupe model. However, we will see whether there will be a change or not about this issue. One thing for sure is that, we heard from the company that this new car will be better than its predecessor. Besides that this car will be also notable on the price. Below are some explanations of this new car.

2018 Infinity Q 60 Engine Review

There will be some new options that were prepared for this car. The current engine version will be replaced with a 3.0 L turbocharged V6 engine to support more power that will make this car is ready to compete with the other cars on the same lineup. This engine will bring more excitements for customers. 6 cylinders powertrain offers is also a good option for making more power and better fuel economy. With this engine, 2018 Infinity Q 60 can provide up to 330 horsepower and also 270 lb ft for the torque. We can say that this is a really fast and powerful car.

2018 Infinity Q 60 Facelift Exterior

If we talked about the exterior design, we will straightly see that this new 2018 Infinity Q 60 gets an improved exterior style. The curves are now sleeker, the colors are upgraded really well and the headlights are also revisited. The front grill will be changed in style because of the airdams that will be attached and it becomes the most interesting part for this car’s exterior. Some people said that now this new 2018 Infinity Q 60 is having a formula 1 appearance. The wheels are larger and sportier now to give more aggressive look on this car. Besides that, it is also easy to notice that the back and side aspect of this new Q 60 are changed as well.

2018 Infinity Q 60 Features and Price Information

Safety is an aspect that is taken really serious by this car’s company. You can see that now the 2018 Infinity Q 60 is completing with some safety features such as the new blind spot warning, lane departure warning system and many more. Besides these safety features, the other features are also upgraded really well on this car. A unit of new Q 60 will be sold $40,000 for the starting price and base model. Meanwhile, the high end model will be $50,000 or it can be more.

2018 Infinity Q 60 Interior Review

2018 Infinity Q 60 Interior and Cabin Photo

Because this is a kind of luxurious car, we can expect that this new 2018 Infinity Q 60 will only use only the best materials. It can be the finest leather that will be used to wrap the seats and dashboards. Besides that, the features inside the cabin will be also better. We can expect for a neatly arranged button, a touch screen display and many other comfortable features to gain more comfort for both the driver and passengers as well.

Gallery Photos of 2018 Infinity Q60:

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