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2018 Mazda bt 50 Review, Price, Engine and Release Date

2018 Mazda bt 50 redesign picture

2018 Mazda bt 50 Review, Price, Engine and Release Date – the newest bt 500 is the third generation of BT 50 model from Mazda in which some parties hope that this new car will bring many refreshments and new things from the previous model. In fact, what the customers expected seem will become a reality. It is because Mazda will give some new features and many things that the customers will love. Seeing how a big and good brand upgrades its car is always interesting. That is why; in this article we will try to reveal all the new aspects of the 2018 Mazda bt 50.

2018 Mazda bt 50 Exterior Changes

We will start from the outside look of this new BT 50. When you saw this car, the first impression that you can catch from the 2018 Mazda bt 50 exterior are maybe the impressive and massive front end, chubby sides and futuristic rear end part. Those changes made this car are looked really handsome. However, the bumper is not changed too much if we compared it with the predecessor. The same thing is also seen on its lightweight cluster in which it is looked like the 2016 model. You will also not see the chrome details in this new BT 50. However, new taillights will be added and it has the dark lenses. Massive LED lights, aluminum wheels and new grille guards are also some point of attentions that we can note from this car.

2018 Mazda bt 50 New Interior Design

2018 Mazda bt 50 interior picture

For the interior aspect, there can be some cabin models like the single cab, freestyler cab, increase cab and many more. Some clips models will be offered as well like the GT, XT and XTR clip models. That is why; customers can find what 2018 Mazda bt 50 that they wanted to drive. How about the features on base model? Some features like special navigation system is planned to be placed in this model together with off road maps in a system called HEMA. There will be a high definition 7.8” touch screen with matched button layout which is easy to use. Some Bluetooth, wifi connection are some other features that are ready to amaze the younger driver. Meanwhile, the cabin is also larger and more comfortable seats with the best quality leather.

2018 Mazda bt 50 Engine Updates

Meanwhile for the 2018 Mazda bt 50 engine, according to a rumor this car will use the 3.2 liter five tube diesel or the 2.2 liter four tube diesel engine. The first engine has 198 horsepower and the second engine option may have 148 horsepower for the strength. Both of those engines will be paired with “6 Velocity Transmission” manual or automatic. Those engines will be offered with front or all wheel drive system.

2018 Mazda bt 50 Release Date and Price

The 2018 Mazda bt 50 release date is maybe in the middle of 2018 with the price around $30,000 for the base model.

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