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2018 Mercedes Benz Cls Release Date, Price, Engine and New Concept

2018 Mercedes Benz Cls Exterior photo

2018 Mercedes Benz Cls Release Date, Price, Engine and New Concept – We knew that Mercedes Benz always makes the great, good looking and powerful cars. One of those cars is the Cls model. If you are one of this coupe shaped sport sedan, you will be happy because there will be the newest Mercedes Benz Cls for 2018 model. There will be some upgrades that this car will get. What are those upgrades? Below is further information.

2018 Mercedes Benz Cls Review

2004 is the year where the first Mercedes Benz Cls was introduced. This car is a model that will fill the slot between S – Class and E – Class. 2018 Mercedes Benz Cls is a return of a proper 4 doors coupe and it will replace the executive sized E – Class coupe on 1995. Cls is also one of the best selling cars from Mercedes that has a different version and style that is loved by most Mercedes Benz fans. In the other words we can say that this car is having great performance that can compete with the other cars on the same lineup.

2018 Mercedes Benz Cls Release Date and Price

Actually, there is no confirmation from Mercedes about when will this 2018 Mercedes Benz Cls was released. However, according to a trusted source, this car will be unveiled early on 2018 and the full sales and production will happen later that year. How about the price? This new car will be sold around $70,000 or increasing for about 5% than current model.

2018 Mercedes Benz Cls Exterior and Interior Changes

This new Cls will use the same platform like what you will see on the S-Class, E-Class and C-Class. We can say that this is the third generation of these famous models. 2018 Mercedes Benz Cls will come with three different three options; those options are Sport, AMG and AMG S. Actually, there is no exact information about what it will be looked like. However, Mercedes said that the rear side will be dramatically different with the new lights, flanks and boot lid. These new features are also making the 2018 Mercedes Benz Cls has the different back end.

2018 Mercedes Benz Cls Interior image

Inside, you will see that the new Cls completes with modern technologies. The base model will get some features like USB, Bluetooth, rear facing cameras and high quality media systems. It is for sure that Mercedes will use only the best materials for the cabin. There is no exact information, but we are sure that some high quality materials like the finest quality leather will be used for the seats and other parts inside.

2018 Mercedes Benz Cls Engine Review

Now we will talk about the engine. It is said that the 2018 Mercedes Benz Cls will use the same engine technology and lineup like in the new E Class. It means that this car will use the 6 engines as the standard on diesel or gas option. The engine will provide for about 300 BHP for the base model of this car.

2018 Mercedes Benz Cls Gallery Image:

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