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2018 Mercedes Benz E Class Engine, Review, Release Date and Price

2018 Mercedes Benz E-Class new concept image

2018 Mercedes Benz E Class – The newest E Class is a brand new generation of E Class that is launched by Mercedes Benz, a famous auto brand in this world. This new sedan has the different body styles that will attract so many eyes on this car. Many customers expected that there will be a lot of surprises attached on this car. Those surprises can come on the exterior, interior and of course the engine. For you who are eager to know some changes that will be attached on this car, you have to explore some information below.

2018 Mercedes Benz E Class is Larger Now

From the spy shot photos, it can be seen that generally this new 2018 Mercedes Benz E Class is now getting bigger than its previous model. Furthermore, the details of exterior can be the cross between some elements that we can find on C Class Coupe and also the S Class Coupe. This car is now completing with rear wheel drive system and it uses a platform that is well known as MRA which had its first debut on the latest C Class. With all of these new things, 2018 Mercedes Benz E Class is lighter as well. We knew that this lighter body will make this sedan gets a better performance and fuel consumption.

2018 Mercedes Benz E Class Powertrain and Engine

For the 2018 Mercedes Benz E Class coupe, there are some powertrains that maybe use on that car such as 4matic all wheel drive, plug in hybrid powertrain and also the 9 speed automatic transmission. The other powertrains will include the 4 or 6 cylinders units for both the diesel and gasoline. The highest performance on this car version may use a twin turbocharged 4.0 liter v8 engine that can provide up to 600 horsepower. This is a powerful engine.

2018 Mercedes Benz E Class New Interior Design

2018 Mercedes Benz E-Class interior picture

Inside the car, you will realize that this 2018 Mercedes Benz E Class gets a new dashboard displays. Now, this sedan is having two display screens as the replacement of the usual dashboard displays. Many experts believed that this is a good impact that is gotten from the MRA platform that is applied on this car. This platform can give any advantages and one of them is the advanced autonomous driving capabilities. The interior of this sedan is also lavish. We believed that Mercedes will only give the best materials on their cars and of course with the touch of luxury. Actually, it is really difficult to get the detail of this car’s cabin and interior. However, some touches of leather and modern features are the most possible aspects that will be added inside on this 2018 Mercedes Benz E Class.

2018 Mercedes Benz E Class Release Date and Price

2018 Mercedes Benz E Class sales will probably offer by the fall of 2017, as 2018 car model. So, if you adored on this car, you better prepare. Meanwhile for the price, we are really sorry that we have no exact information about that.

New 2018 Mercedes Benz E-Class Gallery Photos:

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