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2018 Subaru XV Performance, Changes, Price, Engine and Release Date

2018 Subaru XV new concept picture

2018 Subaru XV Performance, Changes, Price, Engine and Release Date– New Subaru XV is a brand new crossover from Subaru that has just been previewed at 2016 Geneva Motor Show. The imaginatively name for this car is XV concept. According to the information, this brand new car is the next generation model or it is the third piece of the Imprezza based puzzle. That is why; we will clearly see that this new XV exterior is not that far away from the Impreza hatch, but there will be more chunky body. Below are the detail changes on this car that are included the exterior, engine, interior and information about the price and release date as well.

2018 Subaru XV Exterior Performance

We will start from the exterior side. Subaru said that they call the 2018 Subaru XV design as “Dynamic X Solis”. This car shows a more distinctive character lines that make this car is a little bit different from its predecessor. Besides that, there are also more ample road clearance and luggage space. There is no detail information about the size, but according to a rumor this car will be 120mm wider and 130mm taller than the Impreza concept. It means that this car will be a little bit larger than the Nisan Qashai

2018 Subaru XV Interior Design

2018 Subaru XV interior design image

The videos cameras will be applied on the 2018 Subaru XV interior. It will be completed with the sophisticated touchscreen display show gaming program that will show the driver and passengers the whole capabilities of this new XV car. Furthermore, the online connectivity for cell phone is the other modern technology that you can find on its interior. It is said that this technology of connectivity will give the best WiFi capacity that is as nicely as the Wireless Bluetooth Relationship. To give more comfort, the seating on this 2018 Subaru XV is applied with the natural leather upholstery that is made only from top materials. In conclusion, the feature on this car is really good.

2018 Subaru XV Engine Review

How about the engine? Is it good enough? There is no exact information from Subaru about the engine. However, some experts believe that there will be three engine options on this 2018 Subaru XV; 2.0 liter energy engine, 2 liter diesel engine and the 2 DOCH 16 Power engine. All of these engines will be matched with 6 acceleration transmission. However, Subaru said that they will give some innovative touches on this car. That is why; customers will get something that is not frequently present at most sport energy car.

2018 Subaru XV Release Date and Price

According to a rumor, this new 2018 Subaru XV will hit the market at the middle of 2017 as 2018 car model. Meanwhile for the price, the base model of this car will be sold with the price around $26,500. Meanwhile for the most current trims car or the fully loaded one will be sold with the price around $30,000. Those are the information of price and release date that we got about this 2018 Subaru XV.

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