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Costco Tire Boise Location, Products, and Services

Costco Tire Boise only has a branch that located in Idaho, United States. It is a part of the Costco Wholesale Company that deals with the tires and the related service about the tires. Because of that thing, it sells many tires with the best quality and offers many kinds of great services. What they are and where the store is located will be informed below.

Address and Hours of Operation

The address of the Costco Tire Boise is 2051 S Cole Rd, Boise, ID 83709, United States of America. The telephone number that can be called is +1 (208)321 8708. The store is opened for business every day in order to fulfill the Customers automotive needs, especially for the tires products and services. The store is opened on Monday until Friday at 10.00am in the morning until 8.30pm in the evening. On Saturday, it opens earlier at 9.30am and closed at 6.00pm. On Sunday, it only opens from 10.00am until 6.00pm. So make sure that you already noted it hours of operation in order to get to the store in the right time.

Costco Tire Boise  Products

The products that are sold in Costco tire Boise are the branded Tires such as Pirelli, Goodyear, Bridgestones, Dunlop, etc. The customers can choose the suitable tires for their car types, whether it is an SUV, pick up, truck or even a trailer. Besides selling the tires products, Costco tire Boise is also sell the batteries product and the wheels.

Costco Tire Boise  Services

The services that offered from the Costco Tire Boise are the free tire installing, the Computer balancing, RV Tire Sales, Service and Mount high performance and standard tires, Services tire pressure and the monitoring systems, Service Michelins zero pressure tires, Tires Repairs Website and the Tires Inflation with Nitrogen. Costco tire Boise also gives warranty for the customers who buy the tires and products in the Costco store.

Costco Tire Boise

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