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Costco Tire Review Product and Service Hours

Costco Tire Review can come from any customers, whether it pros or cons. It is because Costco as a wholesale company has many customers that provide good from them. In order to know about what are the reviews about this company especially for the tire product, it is better to take a look at it products and hours of operation. All of these aspects will be explained at the paragraph below.

Tires Product

Costco provides some top brands tire products on its store. The tires products such as goodyear, Michelins, Dunlop, Pirelli are available. It also provides the tires for any kinds of cars such as the truck, bus, SUV, sport car, golf, trailer, sedan, etc. Besides that, Costco also offers some tires services for the customers. Some of the simple services are free, like the service of tire rotation and tire balancing. The customers can get this advantage if they are purchased the goods from Costco. For the detail products that available and further information about the service, the customers can go to the Costco Tire center near them.

Costco Tire Hours of operation

With five up to nine employees, Costco tire center opens every day. On Monday until Friday, they start to open at 8.30am until 6pm in the evening. On Saturday they open the store at 9.00am up to 6.00pm. Whether on Sunday, it has the shorter hours of operation. The store is opened at 9.30am until 6.00pm in the evening.

Customers Review

The customers can give positive and negative review for Costco tire. The negative opinion is usually about the long wait of the service of the costco customers. They have to wait for a long time and the addition charge for the tire. However, there are many satisfied customers that said that the tires have a good quality and the mechanics are so friendly and really helpful. Read more: Costco Tires Center Products, Services, and Price

Costco Tire center locations

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