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Costco Tires Center Products, Services, and Price

Costco Tire Center is one of the Costco wholesale which deals with the selling of the new tires for any type of cars. It can be SUV, truck, trailer, etc. Costco as one of the big company already made the costco tire center in many district in United States. It spreads in Las Vegas, Hawaii, Sacramento, etc. Many customers fall in love with costco tires because of the products, services, and price is great. So, it is interesting to know how Costco Tire deals with the products, service and price.

Costco Tires Center


There are many brands of tires that sell in Costco Tires Center. From the Michelin tires, bridgestones, bf Goodrich tires, etc. People can choose any brands that they want for their car and of course it should be suitable with their car. Other products that usually sell in the Costco tire center are ATV tires, Golf and trailer tires, bf Michelin tires, wheel, and car batteries.


You can order the tires in costco tire center by on line or off line. If you ordered online, you can conveniently see the product from your house; pay it with your credit card and wait for the tires come to your house. The other advantages from this on line system are the customers were not charged to pay the shipping, so it’s all free.

While if the customers decided to buy off line or come to the store directly, the customers can make appointment before or straightly comes to the store without appointment. The advantages of using this type are the customers can see the quality of the products and they can get free service of tire installation and maintenance.


There is lack detail information of the tires price in Costco Tire Center. However a source said that they sell the tires in the price range of less than $25 up to $200.

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