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Costco Tires Sacramento Address, Products, and Opening Hours

Costco Tires Sacramento is committed to sell the high quality tires product with the low price for the customers. As part of the costco wholesale, it already trusted by the people and has a lot of member. Two stores are opened in Sacramento. The detailed location, phone numbers, products that they sell and the opening hours of the tires store will be informed below.

Costco Tires Sacramento


Two tire stores are opened to fulfill the customers need in Sacramento. First store of Costco tires Sacramento is in 7981 E Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95822, United Statws of America. The phone number is +1 916-682-1769. The second store is located in 1600 Expo Pkwy, Sacramento, CA 95815, United States. The phone number that you can contact is +1 916-563-7026.


Costco Tires Sacramento sells some products of the new tires. The examples of the tires that available in these stores are Costco Michelin tire, SUV tires, forklift tire, costco tire trailnr, tungsten carbide, wheel loader tire, etc. There is also membership program from the customer. It is started from $55 to be the member of this store. With this membership, you can get a lot of advantages like discount for the things that you purchased for the stores. Besides of the new tires, you also can get the car accessories like the car batteries.

The Opening Hour

The two branches of the Costco Tires Sacramento have the same hours of opening. These stores opened for about eight hours until ten hours a day. On Monday until Friday they opened at 10.00am until 8.30pm in the evening. On the Saturday they opened earlier at 09.30am until 6.00pm in the evening. On Sunday, they opened in the shorter hour. They opened at 10.00am until the 6.00pm. So, it only open eight hours.

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