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How Much Does It Cost To Paint Your Car?


how much does it cost to paint a car

How much does it cost to paint your car? Actually, prices are varied greatly, depending on the one you choose.

  • A basic paint job includes a single-stage enamel paint used to refresh the vehicle’s appearance. It comes with a one-year warranty and gives the vehicle a nice gloss with an accurate color match, Frost says.
  • A preferred paint job is a single-stage application using urethane paint. It’s more resistant than enamel finishes and comes with a three-year warranty, Frost says.
  • A premium paint job is a two-stage application that includes a glossy finish, color match and urethane sealer. It comes with a five-year warranty.
  • A platinum paint job includes light chip and scratch repair, priming and block sanding all areas, and a urethane sealer. It also comes with a five-year warranty.

How Much Does it Cost To Paint A Car

According to Cost Helper, the cost for a single-coat synthetic enamel paint job ranges from $300 to $900, with an average of $566. A mid-level paint job with a higher-quality paint and additional prep work like removing rust and dents can range from $1,000 to $3,500 with an average of $1,316. Meanwhile, drivers reported spending between $2,400 and $7,500 for a high-quality paint job, with an average price of about $5,000.

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How to Custom Paint a Car

cost to paint you car at maaco

Step 1

Strip all the original paint off the car. If you use a chemical stripper (which is best) protect your eyes and skin. Apply the chemical with a brush wait the recommended time scrape off the paint and rinse the remaining chemical off.

Step 2

Sand down the car’s body so it will be more adhesive to your paint. Cover all parts you don’t want painted with masking tape. This should include windows  hood ornaments bumpers wheels and anything chrome.

Step 3

Cover the car surface in a urethane or gray lacquer primer. You should apply four or five coats of the primer and use this application as practice to learn how to apply the actual paint.

Step 4

Add a thin coat of red primer over the gray primer then sand it. This helps you find the car’s high and low spots for the main coat. Now apply a sealer over the body and let it dry for 1 to 3 hours (but no more than 4).

Step 5

Paint the car in the customized color you desire. Holding the spray gun head 8 to 10 inches from the car start at the top and use equal even strokes.

Step 6

Apply at least eight light coats of paint with the first being the lightest of all. Sand down each coat before applying the next one to make sure the next coat sticks properly. These all processes are making the different cost in painting your car.

Happy Painting!

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