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Walmart Automotive Tires and Services

Walmart automotive tire provide some automotive tires that appropriate for any type of cars. Walmart as a trusted and big company is always try to sell the complete and the best quality of tires for the customers. All the best things are offered from Walmart such as the coupons program and the tire finder to make the customers easier. Besides that, some of the stunning automotive services are also available. So, what are they? We will know in the explanation below.

walmart automotive tires

Walmart  Automotive tires products

The automotive tires products are variety in number. The automotive tires that Walmart sells are from the best and trusted brands. The examples are Goodyear, Dunlop, Michelins, BFgoodrich, firestone and many more. The customers can directly come to the store to buy the tires or using the tire finder. This tire finder will help the customers to find the tires that they need. It also will give the information about the tire type, size, etc.

Walmart  Auto services

When you are done providing your automotive tires, you can get the automotive services. These automotive services can be done by the professional mechanics and the good thing is you can get this service while you are shopping at Walmart. The examples of the auto services are the tire services, battery services, and oil and lube services.

The auto services for your automotive tires are the basic tire installation package and the value tire installation services. The basic tire installation includes the service such as the tire mounting, valve stems, lifetime balance and rotation every 7500 miles and 50 mile lug re-torque. For the value tire installation package, the customers can get the services such as the road hazard protection, repairing the flat tire, the lug nut replacement and the other tire services. Visit the walmart tire center near you for any further information. http://toptires.org.

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