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Walmart Tire 225 60r16 Review and Specs

The Walmart IRE 225 60r16 is also called the Douglas Xtra Trac II 225/60R16 98 T tire. It is one of the tires that are sold at Walmart. This tire can increase your performance. It is interesting to describe all the detail of this tire.In this explanation below, we will inform you about the common review of this tire, specification and the price.

Common Review

The Walmart tire 225 60r16 is not only good in performance, it is also enhanced both handling capabilities and safety in varied terrain. It is the all seasoned tire. This tire will increase the steering control and response that will make you more confidence in the road. It ha sthe features of two steel belts that will help to stabilize the tread that enhancing handling and traction. This The Walmart tire 225 60r16 also has the radial ply polyester cord construction that will give thw smooth rides and the toughness.

Tire specifications

The tire specifications are varying. The first, The Walmart tire 225 60r16 has the tread wear warranty for 45.000 miles. The tire type is the passenger highway. It has the black sidewall and the T speed rating. It has the load index up to 98 and the speed rating translation of 118mph. For the load index translation, The Walmart tire 225 60r16 has 1653lbs of load index. This tire is only can be shipped in the Walmart store within the United States of America.

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Price of the Tire 225 60r16

The Walmart tire 225 60r16 is priced for about $58.50 at Walmart. You also can order this tire online if this tire is not available at the walmart store near you. This online system of course is having some rules that are applicable. For the addition information, the tire installation for The Walmart tire 225 60r16 is $12 per tire. It may vary depends on the store.

Walmart Tire 225 60r16

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