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Walmart Tire And Auto Products and Services

Walmart tire and Auto is one of the Walmart program for the customers that used the car. This program provides some services for a car from the basic ones into the complete service for the automotive and tire needs. The interesting ways that attracts the customers is that the customers can have this service while they shop at Walmart. What are the products and services that walmart offers from this tire and auto programs?

Walmart Tire And Auto center


Walmart tire and auto provides some products like tires, batteries, lubes and the other accessories for a car. The customers can find some brands of the tires such as Michelins, goodyear, bridgestones, etc. They can choose the tire that suitable for their car types such as the SUV, family car, sport car, truck, etc.. Usually, there are some discounts for the customers that purchase the goods from walmart with the 5% up to 10% off, so Walmart is always has the low price for its goods.


The services included on the Walmart tire and autos are the tire services, oil and lube services and the battery services. For the tire services, the customers can get a package including lifetime balance androtation every 7500 miles, tire mounting, valve stems. Walmart also offers the Value tire installation package with the services of Road hazard protection, repairing the flat tire, replacement the lug nut, and many more.

For the oil and lube service, Walmart tire and auto offers the oil changes service, interior vacuum, checking the performance of the batteries, wiper blades, the filter of the air, headlight, fill the transmission fluids, power steering, checking the tire pressure, taillights, brake, and signal, and also washing the exterior windshields.

The battery services are including the treatment of non-corrosion, battery terminal of end replacement and installation of the batteries.

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