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Walmart Tire and Lube Coupons Price and Review

Walmart Tire and Lube Coupons is a program of Walmart in order to give the discount for the automotive needs, especially tire, lube, and its services. The customers can get the coupons by printing the coupons in Walmart sites and redeem it in the store that opened every day. What are the advantages of using this coupon for the automotive needs?

Walmart Tire Coupons

Walmart Tire and lube coupons, especially the tire coupons, offered the discount for some top brands of Tire like goodyear, Pirelli, bridgestones, Michelin, Goodyear, etc. The services included by the coupons program are the tire rotation which only costs $2.50 each tire. The next service is the lifetime checking and rotating tires, even for the tires which are not purchased at Walmart, for every 7500miles. It only costs $9 per tire. The third is the Tire Mounting services for specialty tires or carry-ins. It will cost $5 each tire. There are much more package of the services as the advantages using the Walmart tire and lube coupons. Please visit the walmart site to print the coupon and see the detail information.

Walmart Lube Coupons

Lube as an important part of a car, is a discount product that the customers can get by using the Walmart Tire and Lube coupons. All of the brands of the synthetic oils and regular oils are in the discount program, such as sears, meineke, monro, etc. Besides that there are also some services that the customers can get by using the coupons on September 2015. First is the Pep boy conventional oil changes coupons that cost only $24.99. The second is the firestone full synthetic oil ($49.99) or high mileage oil change ($34.99).The third is the firestone synthetic blend oil change which only cost $19.99. The next is the goodyear $5 off for any oil change, etc. There are still many services offered using this coupon. Visit the walmart site for any further and detail information.

Customers Reviews

Many customers are happy by using this Walmart tire and lube coupons. A customer said that she has an oil change at Walmart, the guys were great and the services are satisfying. There is also some of the customers that complaining about the long time of wait. However, it might be because of the busy hour and Walmart is always trying to increase it services and be better.

Walmart Tire and Lube Coupons

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