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Walmart Tire and Lube Express Hours and Services

Walmart Tire and Lube Express Hours should be opened longer in order to fulfill the automotive needs of the customers. The customers that owned a car usually had a longer hour of work. So, Walmart must be opened longerin order to attract many customers to purchase goods of the automotive at Walmart. It is interesting to know about the service hours that they have and what kind of service that they offered.

Walmart Tire and Lube Express Hours

Walmart Tire and Lube Express Hours of operation

Walmart tire and lube express has already serviced million customers in a year. They did it with a good system of employees shift and of course the hour of operation. Walmart tire and lube express open from Monday to Saturday from early at 7.00am until 7.00pm. We can said that they opened in 12 hours a day. On Sunday, in order to give the employee little bit time to get relax, Walmart shorten its hours of operation. They opened for business at 8.00am in the morning until 6.00pm in the evening. So, they opened for 10 hours. It is shorter than the common days, but still it is a long hours of operation because on Sunday people usually free from work so they can visit the store at any time they want to.

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Walmart Tire and Lube Express Services

With a very long time of operation, what are the kinds of service that they offered? Walmart tire and lube offers the service like repairing the flat tire and many interesting package such asa pit crew oil change, standard oil changes, High mileage oil, power and performance, the power and performance package that is included full synthetic oils that mostly required for the new cars. For the further information about these services, you can visit the Walmart tire lube and express store or open the Walmart website.

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