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Walmart Tire and Lube Products and Services

Walmart tire and lube offers the products and services for the automotive especially for the tire and lube part. Walmart, as a big company, sells many brands of tires with the best quality and the low price. It also offers many kinds of services in relation with tire and lubes services that can be done by the professional mechanics. That is why; Walmart has many loyal customers and trusted by money people. For knowing the detail of Walmart tire and lube, we will describe in the explanation below.

walmart tire and lube service

Products that are sold

There are many brands of tire and lubes that the customers can get at Walmart. The tires such as Michelins, Goodyear, Dunlop, BFGoodrich and many more are available. The customers can choose the appropriate tires for their car type even it is truck, SUV, sedan, trailer, etc. Besides that, the customers also can use the facility of Walmart Finding tires tool for making the customers easier to search for the tires that they wish for. For the lube, Walmart provides many branded lubes with the best quality.

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Walmart Tire and Lube Service offered

The services that offered are mostly the same in every tire and lube center in any place of Walmart branches. The services that the customers can gain are first the Rotating tire. If the customers purchase the Walmart Lifetime Balance plan, the customers can get the tire rotation for free for the life of the tires. The second service is Balancing tire. The same as the tire rotation service, the customers can get the free tire balancing for the life of the tires if they are purchased the Lifetime balance plan.  The other services are the oil change, lube, testing and recharging the batteries of your car, installing wipers and headlights. Open the Walmart official site for further info or visit the walmart tire and lube service near you to get the detail information.

walmart tire and lube services

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