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Walmart Tire Center Near Me Address and Products

Walmart tire center near me is located in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. As a part of Walmart association, this hypermarket offers the low price for the customers. The slogan that it has is every day is a low price. It sells all of the people needs, one of them is tire. Where the location is and what the product that it sells, will be discussed in the paragraph below.

Wal-Mart hypermarket jakarta

Walmart Tire Center Near Me  Address

Walmart tire center near me located in the same location with the Walmart hypermarket. It is located in Jenderal Sudirman Street Kav 24, Wisma Tamara Lt 9 Suite 902, Jakarta, 12920. The telephone number that can be contacted is (021) 520 6488. This is the second store in Indonesia. The first store is opened long time ago, but because of the crisis in 1998 it has to be closed. This walmart tire center near me at Jenderal Sudirman street opened everyday at 7.00 am until 9.00pm. If you wanted to go to this center, you should have a great time calculation because Jakarta is a very busy city with a lot of traffic jam. So you have to go to the store early before it gets closed.

Walmart Tire Center Near Me  Products

The products that are sold in this Walmart tire center near me is the tire for all kinds of car like SUV, truck, bus, etc. For example are the car tires with the price of $10 up to $50, forklift tires, oem microfiber tires, etc. It not only sells the tires, but also the tires accessories such as 12v Compressor tires pump, 12v hot China compressor tires pump, promotional heavy duty storage and carriage tire, etc. There are many products that come from China, this is because Walmart is the biggest partner of China Market.

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